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History: The KING'S WARRIORS was founded in 1997 by a group led by Dr. Greg L. Gist to fill a need in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex for a competitive Junior Varsity Home School Basketball Team.  Although other cities throughout Texas including Houston and San Antonio have had organized teams for several years and have won competitions at the state and national levels, until 1997 the Metroplex had no such team.

The Original 1997-1998 KING'S WARRIORS

Mission Statement and Goals

1. To create a "select" Home school basketball program, consisting of high school age children and families, committed to excellence in all areas including (but not limited to) Biblical Christian Character, Parental involvement, consistent hard work, support of the leadership, financial support of the team, and a Winning Spirit for Christ!!!!!

2. To attract the most talented home educated basketball players in Tarrant and western Dallas Counties.

3. To place our emphasis on serving our Lord Jesus on the basketball court through a "witness of excellence." Eccles. 9:10. - Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might... Our goal will be to win each and every game we play for 'His Glory'.

4. To establish an 8 to 10 month program of "off season & on season" practice and games...

5. To schedule games with local and non-local home school teams; as well as private and public schools.

6. To aggressively compete each year for the Home School State Championship of Texas.

7. To establish a facility or network of facilities in N.E. Tarrant Co. to have: 2-3 practices per week from August through March. 1-2 practices per week from June through August.

8. We encourage children of ages 13-18 years. From all ethnic, social and racial backgrounds that have a high level of basketball gifting to try-out for the KING'S WARRIORS.----Remember this is NOT a P.E. class or a Rec. ball situation. A highly competitive state and national team is our goal.

9. To facilitate a Christian social environment for our children that is Biblically based and emphasizes teamwork, competition, hard work, accountability, discipline, strength and skill training and Fun!!!! All for the Glory of Christ Jesus...

God bless you,

Greg L.Gist D.D.S.
(Founder and Head Coach)