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Welcome to the Commemorative Website of

The 1999-2000


Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex
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Introduction by Wayne Coleman

This particular season of the King’s Warriors was a special season. Personally it was special to me because both of my sons, Christopher and Clint were involved as players; in fact my whole family was involved in one way or another. All of the photos that you will see here were taken either by myself or by my daughters Keri and Kimberly. It was special in another way because it was the last year that all three of the Gist brothers, Taylor, Trent, and Travis, the sons of King’s Warriors founder Dr. Greg Gist played together for their father as coach.

This, for the most part is a copy of the website for the 1999-2000 King’s Warriors as it appeared at the end of the season. On the front page of the website you will see a brief description of each Junior and Senior game of the season. Other pages will feature over 250 photos of almost all of the games, statistics for games, teams and players, as well as the 25 famous King’s Warriors Post-game Internet Radio Shows.

As a technical note, the postgame show audios have been missing from the website for a number of years but in 2011, more than eleven years after being recorded they have been located and restored. Although originally produced in Real Audio which was the format of choice in 1999, the 2011 restoration converted the programs to play on most computers and mobile devices.

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